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The power of Virtualism is selectivity
Aladin Van-Dúnem

Aladin Van-Dúnem

Plastic artist, Webdsigner and writer.

Virtualism the book

The book is bilingual: English and Portuguese, eliminates barriers and walls, extend the understanding and the understanding, through the concept and the spirit we want to build, is a book to paint and contemplate, to transform, to meditate and create other perspectives and ways of being.

The Bird, virtualist

Everything must be fluid, loose, fast, dynamic, color is the base of everything, of all communication and implicit sentiment, the color is pure and metamorphosing, as well as everything that goes on in the virtual world always in constant and rapid transformation.

The Virtualism

The inspiration come from the virtual world, exploring all its contours, focusing on new themes, filtering information, reviewing concepts, designing will aspiration. Work and outline the images, don't stop at detail, the important thing is your representation and all the charisma that you can assign. Transforming the reality from the virtual and transform the virtual from real is that the primary objective of the Virtualismo.

About Section


My name is Aladino Van-Dúnem. However my nikname name is Aladin Van-Dúnem. I ´m a Lisbon citizen, but I have Angolan root´s. I dwell with new technologies for more than 20 years now as a Programmer, Web Designer and Blogger. Art messes with me, especially painting, on where I can express myself better. However I am mostly a humanist that worries with social and environment issues. There is not much to add, nowadays. A detail, many reached far on art and technology. One thing and the other is now crashing frustrated with a difficulty to innovate. Artists and thinkers did their part to build this Illuminated New World that has so much to offer and glorify but did not help the distribution off welfare to the media of techniques, style or beauty. It´s pretended to pass a message of unification that overcome époques and heal wounds, on us and among and on those of us who didn´t departed in peace. I want to get people closer, create lines, strings of feeling; to bring us peace and connected to the message of unification and brother wood that I intend to mean. This message is explicitly spread over my works under the theme: Love´s hidden, Redemption, starting the voyage to the Garden of Eden, deed to build a good relation with ours uncesterals, connecting strings that were lost thousands of years before, trying to understand how can to garbage, as it is exemplified by the migrants drama. It also bring to the surface the nasty way how humans (?) treat nature that answers violently as for instance a Hurricane. Softened, pain fades in colours but the message is there as well as the Hurricane that shouts in rage fury. Colour, line, plastic, digital and technological. I have got at my disposition the unbelievable complexity of matter, sentiment, people, and the ability to communicate with millions what is new in this interaction between me and you. .

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O Virtualismo, recebe qualquer técnica, tem uma linha e um pensamento exclusivo. Hoje o artista têm a tecnologia a sua disposição como nunca antes, pode ser despertado e motivado por uma infinidade de temas no mundo virtual podendo trabalhar depois no plano real o que entender, no virtualismo tudo parte do virtual, o olhar a envolvência, a interação, e a resposta, a concretização é que poderá ser no plano físico real, por exemplo num acrílico sobre tela ou papel, seja o que for que permita ser de novo "virtualizado", passado novamente á esfera virtual, numa nova existência e consistência, de uma obra germinada entre dois universos, concebida num e cocluida noutro.

Aladin Van-Dúnem
The Virtualismo, receives any technique, has a line and a unique thought. Today the artist have to your disposal technology like never before, can be awakened and motivated by a myriad of themes in the virtual world and can work after the real plan what you understand virtual, look at the surroundings, interaction, and the response, the realisation is that you can be in the actual physical plan, for example in acrylic on canvas or paper, in virtualismo all part whatever let be "virtualized", passed again to the virtual sphere, a new existence and consistency, a work which took root between two universes, conceived a and cocluida in another.


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